The Railway Law Portal is an online tool developed by the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) that helps users to have a comprehensive overview of and easy access to the European legislation currently in force that is of relevance for the railway sector. The Railway Law Portal consists of two main components: the “Browse by topic” section and the “Advanced search” section.

The “Browse by topic” section allows users to view legal acts of the Railway Law Portal grouped per topic of relevance, such as Infrastructure, Passenger, Freight and Customs, Interoperability and Safety, Market access etc. Some of the topics are further divided into sub-topics to make the grouping more granular. Users can also see the relation between legal acts using the “See related Act(s)” functionality. For every selected act the Railway Law Portal makes it possible for users to see all relevant preceding, amending, original, delegated or implementing acts that are currently in force. When applicable, the Railway Law Portal also provides the users with helpful information relevant for the act, such as date of application, date of end of application, or other additional comment. Each act contained in the Railway Law Portal is linked to the relevant page of the EU Official Journal. To ensure a comprehensive overview of each topic covered in the Railway Law Portal, the “Browse by topic” section is further equipped with the option “See more acts related to this topic”, which provides users with the list of the acts that are listed in other topics, but are still of relevance for the viewed topic.

The “Advanced search” section allows users to search for a relevant act by using keywords contained in its name, by year of the act, by relevant topic, by reference number of the act or by its type. It is also possible to search for acts by using their commonly used nicknames such as “PRR” for Regulation 1371/2007 on rail passengers’ rights and obligations. Where applicable, search results also include a “See related Act(s)” functionality allowing you to view your search result in relation to the other acts it is connected to.

About CER

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) brings together railway undertakings, their national associations as well as infrastructure managers and vehicle leasing companies. The membership is made up of long-established bodies, new entrants and both private and public enterprises, representing 71% of the rail network length, 76% of the rail freight business and about 92% of rail passenger operations in EU, EFTA and EU accession countries. CER represents the interests of its members towards EU policy makers and transport stakeholders, advocating rail as the backbone of a competitive and sustainable transport system in Europe. For more information, visit or follow us via Twitter at @CER_railways.